The ABVCS was started in 2002 with the objective of give direction of students energies in the task of social and national reconstruction by a group of students, youngsters, teachers, engineers , businessman, politician and bureaucrat who drew their inspiration social for develop better nation and community. Mr. Lalit Suthar, a Student of Rajasthan University is the real Architect and Builder cum founder . Its growth process was slow and sporadic in the first few.

The uniqueness of the ABVCS lies in the fact that it has emerged as a stable organization of floating population of students and youngsters. Perhaps no social organization has its members changing so quickly and regularly as the ABVCS has. Another unique feature of the organization is that though it is a student/youth organization in every respect, the teachers also take an active part in its functioning. Ever since its inception teachers have been deeply involved in building up the organization and they comprise the permanent component of the membership.

What distinguishes the ABVCS from other organizations is the fact that it is a full-fledged and student ,youth and teacher organization which has evolved a distinct philosophy and role for a student/youth organization and which organizes multiple activities to fulfill its objective of social and national reconstruction. Organizing a lot of constructive and meaningful activities and helping to solve the problems related to student and educational field.

Upcoming days ABVCS would be more active, meaningful and effective by its task of social and national reconstruction and the community people would feel proud of such a role of the ABVCS .


To develop socially-conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and manager for facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organizations through excellence in education, training and consultancy

Core Values
Women Empowerment

We are a non-profit organization that promotes student regarding educational, managerial, leadership, socially.

  • Er.Lalit Suthar

    Er.Lalit Suthar Founder

  • Santosh Badiger Vishwakarma

    Santosh Badiger Vishwakarma President

  • Mr.Manuhar Suthar

    Mr.Manuhar Suthar Advisory Committee

  • Dr.Bharat Jangid

    Dr.Bharat Jangid Vice President